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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Just Remember Shawkan and Mahmoud Mohamed

Shawkan and Mahmoud Mohamed , two Egyptian young men who have been detained for more than a year  unjustly and unfairly. Only their families and friends are still fighting and reminding the world with their case without giving up hope.
Mahmoud and Shawkan 
Mahmoud Abu Zaid aka Shawkan has been in detention since August 2013. He has been in detention for more than 640 days now. He is currently detained pending a trial in protesting and inciting violence-related charges when he was arrested while doing his job as a photojournalist.
Shawkan in court on 14 May 2015 
Here was Shawkan standing in front of Judge Nagy Shehata “oh yes” on 14 May 2015 defending himself and saying that he was a photojournalist.

Unfortunately, Shehata renewed his detention for another 45 days !! Shawkan has been detained for more than 640 days for God Sake so far for just doing his job.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Teaching the GUC students and other University students a lesson

Do you remember the strike of the German University in Cairo “GUC” students’ strike in solidarity with their colleague Yara Tarek from a couple of months ago?
The strike and sit-in seemed to be successful and the students seemed to be winning the fight for their rights in safety at first.
The GUC administration reached agreement with the GUC Students Union after threats that the students would be reported to Prosecution following one-week sit-in and a strike.
According to that agreement, then all the students who boycotted the midterm exams would present petitions to have new examinations and no action would be taken by the GUC Administration to punish the protesting students.
Now months after the whole affairs the GUC administration decided to report against the president of the students union and other 10 students to the prosecution accusing him and his colleagues of assaulting the University Chairman and his guards as well his car during the sit-in.
The administration also rejected the petition to have new exams for a number of students which mean they may fail.
Three students were only officially summoned to New Cairo prosecution. The three students are president of the GUC 's student union Hazem Abdel Khalek, his vice-president Karim Nagib and a third student Alaa Al-Atar.
Now because we got the internet, there is a video showing that incident if I am mistaken. You can see clearly in the video that students did not touch the chairman’s car, in fact, Hazem Abdel Khalek appeared telling his colleagues not to touch. Earlier the students were angry because they heard the University’s chairman telling his driver to run over the students.
The incident captured on video.

Here is the photo of Alaa Al-Atar in shackles at the Prosecution after finishing her exams.

Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015 at 02:28PM

#Ramdan is coming #Blogger #Citizenjournalism May 25, 2015 at 02:28PM via Instagram

Saturday, May 23, 2015

It is a sign of changing times indeed

Last week was a busy one when it come to death sentences in Egypt.

On Saturday Former President Mohamed Morsi and 105 others were sentenced to death by the criminal court.

BY Khalil El-Baih 
On Sunday Egyptian authorities executed 6 men convicted by a military court in the case known in the media as the “Arab Sharks cell” over a range of charges including the murder of army officers.

On Monday a Mansoura Criminal court sentenced one person to death over another terrorism-related charges in some case.

The debate about capital punishment had to be brought up and for the first time we see Islamists speaking about the suspension of Capital punishment in the country.

Abdel Moneim Abu El-Fotouh , the former presidential candidate and leader of Strong Egypt party called on Monday in an official statement for abolishing Capital punishment in Egypt in a short statement in English released by Strong Egypt. This is a huge thing for the former leading member in the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist politician to call for.

Needless to say I am realistic enough to know that this could a mistake in translation because in tweet sent on his official twitter account, Abu El-Fotouh demanded the suspension of capital punishment in Egypt due to the lacks of any guarantees to have justice and political as well social polarization.

There is a big difference between the suspension of the capital punishment and the abolishment of capital even linguistically.
Of course on Thursday the party issued another statement saying Abu El-Fotouh was demanding the cancellation of special courts in Egypt and the temporarily suspension of capital punishment. I think in late 2013 new special terrorism circuit inside the Criminal Court was set up allegedly to speed up justice.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Celebrating Moulid El-Sayyida 2015

when one speaks about El-Sayyida {The lady} in Egypt or rather in Cairo , he or she means one particular lady who is believed to be the Islamic Saint Patron of Cairo and that lady is Zeinab Bint Ali.
Despite there is a Mausoleum for El-Sayyida Zeinab in Syria and there are some historical records saying that she was buried in Damascus but according to other historical records she was buried in Cairo.
I do not need to say that how much El-Sayyida Zeinab is popular among Egyptians but it is enough that thousands of Egyptians from all over the country leaving their work to attend the celebrations of her birthday “Moulid”. It is major attractions of Sunni Sufi movements and Shia Muslims alike as well thousands of normal Egyptians seeking an aid or miracle from God through the help of Lady Zeinab.
El-Sayyia Zeinab Mosque Moulid By Tinne Van Loon 
This year I chose a collection of photos from photographers in Egypt : My favorite photographer and friend Mosaab El-Shamiwho you should check his work in AP” , Hossam Mosallam  , Tarek Wajeh , Momen Samir and Belgian American documentary photographer Tinne Van Loon who you should follow her work.
Van Loon took amazing photos from the Moulid, truly amazing.
Now The Moulid of El-Sayyida Zeinab takes for a week at least with the festival mods all over the place surrounding her Mosque in Cairo. The Moulid was held earlier this month.
You would find street vendors selling all sort of food, circus performers doing dangerous acts, singers singing Sufi chants in tents and poems and traditional swings and carousel.
You find all this in the photo gallery below, I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A New Minister of Justice , More Controversial Than the Old one

I do not know how they think at the presidency, but they surely do not think straight. Earlier today it was announced that Judge Ahmed El-Zend, the head of Judges’ Club as the new minister of justice replacing Mahfouz Saber who resigned after his classist statements. The irony is that Ahmed El-Zend is classist and controversial more than Saber.
Sisi and Zend "Egyptian presidency" 

Many people are shocked that El-Zend was chosen for this position but actually I believe appointing him means that the government exposes its  true anti-Jan25 agenda knowing El-Zend political views and statements. Already we should not forget that El-Zend represented the opposite current supported by Mubarak’s regime in the Judges Club against the Reformists judges in the first place.
Now this post celebrates El-Zend’s most controversial statements in the past couple of years  :
  • Judges want Islamic Sharia “ February 2012”
In a meeting with Salafist preacher Mohamed Hassan at Judges Club in Cairo , El-Zend stated that the judges in Egypt were dying to have Islamic Sharia fully implemented in Egypt but they do not have a legislative power.
  • The United States is a “dirty” country and Egypt should stop the visit of foreign delegations 
After ousting Morsi in July 2013 , there were many visits to Egypt by foreign delegations from African Union and European Union. This did not make El-Zend happy and so he called SCAF then to stop those foreign delegations from entering the country. He also called the United States as a "dirty"  country in an interview on CBC TV channel. I can find the video but the websites covered his statements.
  • The Holy March of Judges’ children in Judiciary “September 2013”
In a meeting at the Judges club in Monufia , El-Zend criticized those who spoke about nepotism in judiciary describing them as envious. He also added that nobody would stop that holy March of Judges’ children.

Reem Magued Interviews Dahab of Downtown Cairo

First of all here is Reem Magued’s Feminine Plural’s third episode for those who did not see it.
Reem Magued interviewed Dahab or Manal who owns a small kiosk for traditional Egyptian food in Downtown Cairo. Dahab , a University graduate from a working class background defied the odds after failing to find a job and decided to open a small kiosk for traditional food in a Downtown Cairo passage alone to become one of the popular food attractions in that busy part of the capital.
Feminine Plural: Dahab, the traditional food seller
Unfortunately, it is in Arabic. I wish DW translates it to English or German so the world sees those examples of fantastic and strong Egyptian ladies.
Now the crisis with ONTV is still going on.
ONTV owner Naguib Sawiris told Al Masry Al Youm that his Channel had to stop the TV show “ which is produced by DW” after two episodes only because it did not attract advertisements !!!
Ironically ONTV has this useless morning show “ON Morning” running for several years without commercials. The biggest irony also that ONA, the news agency owned by Naguib Sawiris published a report that is still online that says the TV show was suspended on ONTV due to political pressures !!
From her side, Reem Magued issued a statement on her official Facebook page slamming ONTV’s official statement.
Oh and the Pro-Sisi and Pro-Military Facebook accounts and twitter accounts began its dirty attack on Reem.
First they spread photos of her wearing a swimsuit then they began to spread  rumors that Reem converted to Judaism !!! You know during Mohamed Morsi’s rule, his supporters used to claim that Magued was Christian.
oh and they attack Naguib Sawiris with her also.