Monday, October 5, 2015

Talk to me about a true triumph for Women in the new cabinet

I did not speak about the new cabinet of PM Sherif Ismail as I used to do in this blog sharing the new ministers’ who is who. It is never too late to share some of my thoughts about the new ministers.
I noticed that in the past two weeks there has a lot of talk about the new female ministers in Ismail’s cabinet and needless to say, there were lots and lots of sexism towards those ladies.
Only three ministers were appointed in Sherif Ismail. Minister Ghada Wali kept her position as minister of social solidarity, Sahar Nasr was appointed as minister of international cooperation and Nabila Makram Ebeid as the minister of the newly founded ministry of immigration and Egyptians abroad affairs.
As soon as their photos of the ministers swearing in hit the wires, we found such comments on how beautiful and elegant they are as a triumph for women in Egypt !! We found a famous college photo for them.
The popular photo college showing the ministers swearing in
First , appointing three female ministers in the cabinet already is not a huge triumph or achievement for women in Egypt because actually it seems that the maximum number of ministerial seats the Egyptian woman can get in any cabinet is three women.
 I do not know why some of our feminists are cheering for appointing 3 women ministers when we used to have four women ministers in the second reshuffle of Ibrahim Mahlab’s cabinet.
Second, I read that comments of so-called and self-claimed feminists on Facebook and I feel that they are actually superficial sexists who judge women on how they look.
“I can say the Egyptian mentality in decision-making cabinet has progressed to meet the 21st-century global requirements” !! 
This is is the exact comment of a famous writer specialized in women’s issues on Facebook !!
I do not know what the 21st-century global requirements are, let alone we do not know really if those ladies were chosen according to those requirements.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Where is Massouny ?

On 26 June 2015, Mostafa Massouny was staying with his friends in downtown Cairo. At the
Where is Mostafa Massuny? 
evening, the young film editor went to get some food for him and his friends. He has never been seen since then.
For nearly two weeks , his families and friends failed to find him searching in hospitals , morgues, prisons and police stations. In the end his family found a friend of a friend who works in Egypt’s National Security “NS” and told them Massouny was arrested and detained for a couple of days at the NS at Lazghouli street in Cairo and he would be released. That friend of friend warned the family of contacting media or his activist friends.
Days passed and became weeks, weeks passed and became months and Mostafa Massouny did not show and has not been released from his alleged detention.
For three month and week, Massouny has just vanished with no what so ever official trace.
I know Mostafa Massouny as a tweep and protester in 2011. He was once arrested , detained and beaten while covering an anti-SCAF protest in Aswan in July 2011. Then he was arrested later in August from the same year briefly at Tahrir square as the military police was dispersing a sit-in there.
After 2011 , the young graduate of faculty engineering had left politics and activism altogether and focused on his work as a video editor. For 3 years Massouny was focusing on his work with no reportedly political activity.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Moment to Remember

Despite it is a symbolic move more than anything, I believe it is a historical moment to see the Palestinian Flag raised at the UNGA after all those decades.
Palestinian Flag at the UN "AP"

Palestinian Flag at the UN "AP"

Mr. President , I beg to differ !!

In an interview on CNN aired on Monday with Wolf Blitzer, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said that Egypt “enjoyed unprecedented freedom of expression”.
I do not want to exaggerate but I want to assure that Egypt enjoys  unprecedented freedom in the media. No one in the Press or TV was barred.   It has never happened in my presidential term that someone was held accounted for what he said whether a journalists or not.
I highly and seriously beg to differ.
It is true that officially the Presidency does not get involve in harassing the journalists and non-journalists from prominent figures expressing opposite views to the regime. The President’s loyal supporters from newspapers owners, channels owners as well journalists and TV hosts do that.
We have a lot of examples.
Starting with Bassem Youssef whose show “AlBernmag” was stopped after one episode from the after the Presidential elections then he was fined LE 50 millions.
If we got unprecedented press freedom
why are not those guys on TV ? 
third season in 2014 on Saudi-owned MBC Misr
Youssef said loud and proud that he would not accept to lower AlBernmag show’s ceiling so he could have once again on air.
Now Bassem Youssef is living abroad and could not come back to Egypt to the level of missing his own father’s funeral and burial for fear he would be arrested.
Youssef wrote in Arabic why he did not want to come back mentioning how journalists are harassed in Egypt for expressing their opinions in a long reply on a Facebook post by writer Samer Amr Atef on why he does not come back. 
Close to presidency journalists like Ahmed Moussa and Mostafa Bakry as well El-Sisi supporters were happy that Bassem Youssef’s show was cancelled and continue to attack accusing him of being a traitor.
FYI according to the alleged Sisi leaks, Sisi’s office in the ministry of defense was annoyed from that “boy”.
TV host Reem Magued’s TV show was cancelled on ONTV after two episodes only because the guests spoke about January revolution. The channel claims that it was about the ratings, but everybody knows it is untrue.
In the end, she resigned from the TV channel.
TV host Yosri Fouda’s popular and successful TV show was ended or cancelled to be accurate because of pressure according to the ONTV founder and owner Naguib Sawiris.
TV host Dina Abdel Rahman’s TV show was cancelled as well on CBC TV channel.
None of those TV hosts was approached by any Egyptian TV channels because they are branded to be Pro-Jan25 TV hosts who dare to criticize the government and the regime.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hungarian Camerawoman, meet your Egyptian Twin !!

Do remember the infamous Hungarian Camera woman who was filmed  kicking and tripping refugees at the Hungarian borders and became the most hated woman only ??
Well her name is Petra László and after being slammed by all the languages of the world and being fired from work, she apologized.
Now this Hungarian lady got an Egyptian Twin sister and this twin sister is called Reham Saeed.
The only difference between Petra and Reham is that Reham is a TV Host star in Egypt
Mrs. Saeed, who got a very popular tabloid TV show “Sabeya El-Kheir” with tons and tons of commercials and sponsors even toppled Ms. László when it comes of being a mean queen, true mean queen
Saeed covered with the Egyptian flags
From a couple of days ago, Saeed who is a strong Pro-Military Pro- El-Sisi supporter aired a special episode from Lebanon.
It was recorded weeks before.
The White Oprah/Angelina Jolie-wannabe appeared in the show distributing aid in Syrian refugees camp in a humiliating way in order to demonstrate how lucky Egyptians were under El-Sisi’s rule.

Showing Syrian refugees fighting over aid and clothes, Saaed while wearing the Egyptian flag with sad eyes and sad face said many things like the following:
These are the people who wasted their country with their political strife , these are the people who are divided. This is the destiny of the people when their country is lost. Look how they left their children and ran to take the clothes pushing each others and beating each other !!!!
Disgusting by all measures.
Reham Saeed distributes aids at the Syrian refugees camp
There was a sad music in the background.
In the end, Saaed shows up saying
I want to return back to Egypt , we are civilized and polite people with high moral !!
Ironically anyone watches her show, will have an opposite idea about Egyptians.
I apologize to the Syrian people everywhere. This woman represents herself and does not represent the Egyptian people.
Many Egyptians got mad after watching this disgusting and disrespectful episode especially true and serious TV hosts like Yosri Fouda slammed Saeed over her disgusting remarks.

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