Friday, August 1, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : And One terrorist is down !! “Graphic”

Meet Israel’s latest victims from Gaza : Mohamed , a 4 years old boy.
This photo is taken by Bel Trew in Gaza today. The dear friend and colleague who is currently in Gaza saw
Mohamed "By Bel Trew"
him today in the hospital. Mohamed lost his face because of an Israeli missile that hit his home while he was sleeping.
The doctor told Trew that they had to take a skin graft to reconstruct the right side of his face and his left eye has shrapnel lodged in it. Mohamed is blind now.
If I am not mistaken this young boy needs to be transferred abroad to be treated.
Mohamed’s elder brother Ibrahim is in the same hospital too. The 14 years old got wounds to his head, neck, back, groin, leg and arms.
We do not know what happened to Mohamed’s parents. Their house was attacked without any prior warning.
Today the death toll in Gaza increased to 1422. More than 8000 Palestinians have been injured so far. At least 2000 are children who suffer from similar injuries like Mohamed and Ibrahim have got. I do not think those children and families will have warm feelings towards Israel and its army.
According to Chris Gunness , the official UNRWA spokesperson reported that 236,374 Palestinians have been displaced since the start of the Israeli military operation in Mid July.
They are displaced in 86 UNRWA shelters including schools which are bombed and shelled by Israel frequently. Five UNRWA officials were killed in the recent attack.
Gunness made headlines in the Arab media when he appeared crying over what is happening in Gaza on air on Al Jazeera TV channel.
Chris Gunness crying over what is happening in Gaza
Israel claims that the current war in Gaza is a war of self defense against those awful terrorists who are civilians.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

#Gaza before the attack

Gaza is now associated with destruction and death especially with the death of children. Well before the start of the Israeli attack on Gaza , there was life.
That life was captured by David Seggara

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-24&25

I think I have to apologize for the first time we continue that series of episodes after Ramadan. I am trying to find an appropriate time to post the rest of the episodes.

Now to refresh your mind with the tale or rather the adventure of Shamalan.

Here are episodes 24 and 25

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kodak Agfa Presents : #Egypt’s North Coast 2014

I know this is a belated pose but it is never too late to celebrate Egypt’s beautiful beaches especially in summer. I took those photos last June in early June 2014. Those photos were taken in Al Alamein , specifically at Sidi Abdel El-Rahman.

The water there is amazing there more than part in the North Coast.
It is worth to mention that Al Alamein will become a separate governorate in the new governors reshuffle.

For hotels in the area of Al Alamein as well Matrouh  you can check of course Trip Advsior

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : #Eid Continues in war

And the attack continues , this is a live blog for what is taking place in Gaza. Since late Sunday night and the offensive in the city is escalating with huge blasts and explosions heard everywhere.
Needless to say I feel in the morning there will be another human disaster in Gaza.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy or Rather Martyr's Eid from Gaza "+18"

Today several Arab and Muslim Countries are celebrating Eid El-Fitr marking the end of the Ramadan. Happy blessed Eid to all those celebrating all over the globe.
In Gaza thousands of Palestinians are not celebrating the Eid , what they do today is visiting their beloved ones in the cemeteries and in hospitals. They are also visiting the remains of their houses. I do not think too many children are playing around as many playgrounds have been shelled , you know there were missiles and rockets there. We were speaking earlier today about 1037.
Instead of the usual Happy Eid greetings Palestinians are saying a Martyr's Eid in Arabic. "Instead of Eid Saeed it is Eid Shaheed"
Of course we should forget about the truce as the fighting continues between the IDF and the Palestinian resistance factions. The IDF is not dealing with Hamas anymore , it is dealing there with Ultra-right Islamic Jihad "which is mediating between Egypt and Hamas" and The popular Front to liberate Palestine . They know that but they want t keep it as "Hamas" alone.
It started peacefully somehow and ended tragically as usual
AFP from Gaza 

Ebaa Rezeq from El-Shejaiya area 
 Of course Palestinians know more than anyone that they have to try to enjoy life regardless what so families tried to have their own moments. The following photos are taken by Palestinian photographer Omar El-Qattaa. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack :Talk to me about lies in this war !!

It is a war , yes this Operation against Gaza is a war by all measures with more than 1000 killed and
It is a war and it is built on a lie because it started by a lie spread by Israeli media and Israeli officials that Hamas was responsible for the murder of those three Israeli settlers. It turned out to be a lie.
Israeli Police spokesperson told BBC Sydney Jon Donnison that those Israeli settlers were killed by a lone cell that did not operate under Hamas’ umbrella.
Israeli PM claimed that Hamas was behind the act and unfortunately not only Israeli media but also Egyptian mainstream is claiming the same thing. The Egyptian media also ignored these tweets despite it has not problem in making a whole story from Fake twitter accounts and D-List celebrities.

Buzz Feed’s Sheera Frenkel wrote from a month ago that Israeli officials and experts did not believe that Hamas was responsible for the murders of those three Israelis. 
A lie that led to this 
Amazingly and sadly enough we find the current President of Egypt repeats indirectly that the Gaza war started because of the kidnap and murder of those three settlers as if it were the guilt of Palestinians in Gaza. I thought that he would be wiser and that the Egyptian intelligence would know what the Israeli Police spokesperson knew from long time.
The Egyptian media totally ignored the tweets of the BBC correspondent as well BuzzFeed’s report. Of course I am not surprised because the Egyptian media is claiming now that those who killed the protesters in the 25 January revolution were Hamas militants !!
It is worth to mention that on 4 February 2011 Hamas was giving to Egyptian borders guards in Rafah food supplies because no food supplies came to them from Cairo according to Reuters Report. The report says that Hamas was beefing up the borders to stop any breaching there !!
Speaking about that date I remember that during Morsi’s era the case of Three missing police officers were brought up in the media with direct accusations that Hamas was responsible of their kidnap.
I remember the wives of those missing officers saying that they got tips from unnamed officials from Egyptian intelligence and military intelligence accusing directly Khairat El-Shater of standing behind their kidnap.
After July 3  there has been no single piece of news about them when I remember it. I think the authorities in Egypt owe to the poor families and the people of Egypt the truth. The families and those officers are not a pawn in some stupid fight over power between the deep state and the Muslim Brotherhood. I have not forgotten that incident. Playing with people’s hopes is disgusting.
I am not defending Hamas but I hate lying , some people in Egypt are cheering for what is happening to the Palestinians and their murder in a cold blood thanks to that ugly media campaign which cost and will cost Egypt a lot. They are cheering now a collective punishment which is against Geneva conventions. It is a war crime.
Yes as usual Israel is committing a war crime and many Egyptians are cheering for it that to the bloody Pro-Regime media.
Three Israelis were killed in a crime and thanks to Stinky Bibi “as we used to call him in Egypt” a war crime is committed and over 1000 Palestinians were killed and over 2000 were injured as well hundreds of houses are destroyed.
What happened in these photos is a war crime.

Because of Bibi’s lie there will be more generations from both sides feel that grudge which no initiative will end. 

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-20&21&22&23

Here is a double/double bill post with four episodes of the King Dandash’s tale which actually turned to be the adventure of Shamalan the lazy.

You can listen to episode 360th from Ramadan’s Radio Arabian nights after the break.