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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Release Karmooz Refugees After more than 150 days !!

Do you remember Karmooz police station refugees ? The 74 Syrian and Palestinian Syrian refugees
For more than 150 days , those children
are detained in an Egyptian police station
who have been detained in Karmooz police station since last November despite the prosecutor general’s order to release the. Those refugees are still detained.
Those refugees including children are still detained for more than 150 days.
That group includes 16 Syrians and 58 Palestinian Syrians.
There is also one Somali refugee who has been in detention since last August staying with them.
I do not know when their agony will end.
Already they did not do any crime for real. They were left at the Nelson Island and they were the one who called the police to save them.
The Egyptian authorities have either to deport them or to release them.
What I know that the prosecutor general gave his orders to release them while the National Security ordered their deportation and yet they were not released nor deported. Just stuck in a two small detention cells in an Egyptian police station for more than 150 days !!
I believe that the Egyptian media should focus on the agony of those refugees.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Destroying Our Heritage Officially in Alexandria

I feel sad and angry that I did not blog about this earlier.
A Hellenistic-era archaeological site in Alexandria was demolished in Alexandria last week according to Egypt’s Heritage Task Force which campaigned unsuccessfully to stop this crime online.

This site is or rather was al-Abd Theater in Camp Shizar district in Alexandria. The site was discovered in 2013 only and it looked amazing. I see that it included a cemetery.
The site dates back to the Hellenistic era. Here are photos of the site before demolishing it. "Photos : Egypt's Heritage Task Force" 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Officially No Egyptian Ground Troops in Yemen …. Till Now

This is another follow up for the big question of whether the Egyptian regime is going to send ground troops to Yemen or not. The question or rather speculations were fueled by the photos emerged online showing Egyptian soldiers on the board of an Egypt Air Flight to Saudi Arabia. “It turned out that there were several photos not only one.”

On Tuesday Al Watan Newspaper already published a report saying that there was confusion about those troopers adding that despite the denial of Egypt Air CEO that his company did not transfer any troops to Yemen or Saudi Arabia recently , a source inside the company said that Egyptian army special forces were transferred to Saudi Arabia.

On the same day the official spokesperson of Egyptian Armed Forces Mohamed Samir issued a statement denying that report considering a part of that Fourth generation warfare against the Egyptian army despite this is the Pro-Regime Al-Watan Interestingly.

Samir added that Egypt has not got any ground troops participating in the Saudi led operation decisive storm up till now.

بيانــــــفى إطار إستغلال بعض الجهات المعادية لحروب الجيل الرابع (حرب المعلومات) بغرض التأثير على الأمن القومى المصرى...
Posted by ‎الصفحة الرسمية للمتحدث العسكري للقوات المسلحة‎ on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Photos From Planet #Egypt : Mawlid Sayyida Nafisa 2015

This could be late but it is never too late to share those photos captured by Egypt’s most talented photographers like Mosa’ab El-Shamy, Roger Anis and Ahmed Haymen. Those photos from the Mawlid of Sayyida or Saint Nafisa in Cairo late last month.
Lady Nafisa who is considered one of the most important Islamic Patron Saints of Cairo was the granddaughter of Prophet Mohamed “PBUH.
She was also one of the most important teachers of Islam in her age and got many students including Emam El-Shafei , the founder of Shafei school of Fiqh.
In the Mawlid you will find people from all over the country and all ages paying their respect to the Prophet's great grand daughter. You see the rich and poor , the old and the young, the sufis and the simple people looking for miracles. It is another world.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fahrenheit 451 Live in Egypt : Burning Books in the Schoolyards

We are living Fahrenheit 451 live in Egypt.
Burning the books at the schoolyard !!
These photos showing ministry of education officials burning 73 books in a School Yard “yes burning books” on 6 April 2015 because those books allegedly spread radical religious thought and terrorism at Fadl language school in Haram district in Giza governorate.

Burning the books while holding the Egyptian flags !! 
Allegedly those books spread violence, terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood Thought as the Brotherhood is officially an terrorist organization in Egypt now.
That mini-holocaust was supervised by Dr. Bothiana Kishk , the head of Giza educational directorate.
Dr.Bothiana Kishk supervising the burning of the books 
In statements to Al Masry Al Youm  on Monday , Dr. Kishk revealed that the ministry of education recently formed “Books execution committee” to inspect and execute dangerous books spreading radical thought in school libraries at the schools owned by Muslim Brotherhood members. Yes “Books execution committee” if we are going to translate literality from Arabic. It is not even “Censorship committee” or “Disposal committee” but rather  “Executing” !! She added those books were promoting the MB radical thought.
After designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorism organization in November 2013, the Egyptian government gave its orders to the ministry of education to take over the management of nearly 147 private schools affiliated with the Brotherhood across Egypt. Fadl language school is among those schools despite its owners are currently suing the government in order to end the ministry of education’s control on the school.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy Sham Nassim 2015 From Egypt

Happy Sham Nassim Aka Spring Day from Egypt.
And for this occasion I would like to share with you this wonderful video clip made by filmmaker Abdel Rahman Gaber.
Gaber shot this amazing time lapses video in several locations in Egypt. He filmed it in Siwa, Luxor, Aswan, Sinai and Fayoum
Happy Sham Nassim to all Egyptians despite all the hardships.

Egypt's Rapid Deployment Forces Head to the Kingdom !? "Updated"

There is a lot of reaction about my post regarding the Egyptian Ground troops in Saudi Arabia.
The rumors mill did not stop on Sunday , in fact I woke up and found lots of talk about a photo showing Egyptian soldiers wearing their uniform in their way allegedly to Saudi Arabia in a civilian Egypt Air Flight “Why would they go on an Egypt Air Flight in the first place? “ on twitter and Facebook.

Going to Saudi Arabia then to Yemen ?? "Mohamed El-Bolok" 
The Egyptian and Yemeni social media users claimed that those smiling soldiers were actually the first group of Egyptian Ground troops heading to the Kingdom and then to Yemen.
This photo was posted by Egyptian Sky News Arabia Correspondent Mohamed ElBolok on his Facebook account earlier Sunday. According to El-Bolok it was taken by the flight’s Captain.
The date was unclear.
He removed the photo later. I do not understand why to keep the matter secret.
Update #1: Egypt Air says that the photo was fabricated and that it did not transfer any soldiers to Saudi Arabia. 
Update #2 : Some are saying that this photo is an old one showing the Egyptian troops heading to UAE to participate in the Joint Emirati-Egyptian military exercise held in UAE last March.There are joint military exercises between the two countries since 2014. Nevertheless I am afraid I can not find any thing about Egyptian troops in UAE in March 2015 or late March 2015 in the Emirati newspapers or Egyptian newspapers with quick search. Usually the Armed Forces Spox publishes statements and photos about those exercises, I did not find anything either there.
Of course if you take a closer look to the military uniform of the soldiers , you will find that the badge on their right arm says “Rapid Deployment Forces”. Yes El-Sisi sent the newly formed forces to Saudi Arabia to participate in possible military intervention/Land invasion to Yemen according to where you stand.
There has been not official statement from Egypt regarding this matter so far.