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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Too much Freedom of Press For two weeks

In the past two weeks, three newspapers have been confiscated because they dared to speak about President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi directly and indirectly.
From two weeks ago, Weekly “Sout Al-Omma” newspaper’s first edition on Thursday was confiscated at the state-owned Al-Ahram Printing Press because it published a report about El-Sisi’s sick mother during then.
Sout Al-Omma's original Front page before confiscation
“The President’s Sadness” was about El-Sisi and his visits to his sick mother at the hospital despite his schedule.
Hours later, the once-strong vocal newspaper against Mubarak, SCAF and Morsi changed its first page and removed the report and posted instead of it a report about the Prime minister.
The Frontpage  after changing the content. 
Days later, El-Sisi’s mother passed away.
Once a strong opponent to Mubarak, the newspaper's editor-in-chief Abdel Halim Qandil is a strong Sisi supporter. Nasserites have that thing for the military after all.
Qandil stated that he was not angry because “it happens with everyone” despite the decision to
He also added that despite it was more of a social news or rather a humanitarian news meant to make the people know more about the President as a human , the newspaper was confiscated.
On Saturday, a group of the newspaper journalists and reporters organized a protesting standing at the Journalists Syndicate staircase against the decision to confiscate the first edition.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kodak Agfa Presents A Night at Khan El-Khalil

Last Ramadan just like many Egyptian families, I visited Khan El-Khalili with my family where we had our breakfast and spent very good time there
Million of Egyptians go to Khan Al-Khalili and Al-Hussein area in Ramadan to pray and to spend a real good time.
As usual I took more dozens of photos for this beautiful place Islamic Cairo. I went there before in 2012 and I took couple of photos but this time I took more.
Anyhow without further talk, Kodak Agfa proudly presents Khan Al-Khalili 2015.
Originally built as a Market in the time of the Mamluks from 6 centuries ago at least, Khan El-Khalili is still keeping its character for real in the ever changing Cairo. Of course now it is a touristic attraction with bazaars attracting foreigners more than locals, yet it is still active.
Of course in Ramadan, it had more Egyptians than any other nationalities.
The Khan El-Khalili official alley sign inside the market itself on Sultan Al-Ghuri gate
I do not know the historical reason why you can find Belly dancers suits in Khan El-Khalili but they attract tourists whether Westerns or Arabs very well.
Traditional, short and sequin belly dance suits in a shop at the entrance of the Khan 
Of course besides Belly dancers shiny suits  you can find traditional cotton galabiyas and scarfs with their traditional and oriental prints.
Tradition galabiya inside the Khan

Copper products are everywhere whether lanterns or copper handmade shiny plates like those below.The copper products are made in workshops inside and nearby the Khan.
Copper plates
And more Shiny souvenirs.
Animal souvenirs 

Friday, August 21, 2015

#ShubraBombing : And Mohamed Ali Palace is another victim

As soon as the news came that the National security aka State security building in Shubra El-Kheima city was bombed , Heritage activist Sally Soliman was worried about one thing “ Mohamed Ali Palace of Shubra” which is two blocks away from the security building.
The explosion sound reached as far as to Cairo and Giza so you can imagine what it can do to a nearby old Palace that needs to be saved in the first place.
As you can see the palace after the bombing from the official photos published by the ministry of antiquities, there was  damage in the place.

According to the minister of the antiquities who visited the location on Thursday, two buildings inside the palace were badly damaged. The two buildings are “The fountain” and “The Gabalaya” building.
Here are more photos from Ahram Arabic News website. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Shubra El-Kheima bombing that was heard everywhere !! "Updated"

From half an hour ago, people in different areas in Cairo and Giza heard huge and loud explosion sound.
From half an hour, people were speculating the source of the sound and whether it was a bomb like the Italian Consulate or just another F16 breaking the sound barrier for no reason at 2 AM.
Unfortunately, I did not hear anything because I was watching Mortada Mansour slammed by Capitan Zizo with headphones on “Football fans will relate”
Now the Egyptian State TV is saying the source of that big explosion sound is an explosion at the State security “National security” building in Shubra El-Khaimah.
Yes, the State security building in Shubra El-Khaimah was bombed tonight. Now more websites are reported that three bombs detonated at the building parameter. The ambulance authority is reporting that at least 6 people were injured.
@3:42 AM: at least 20 were injured and transferred to a hospital, no fatalities have been reported so far. 
The bombing was too strong that parts of the building were destroyed according to the photos taken by Al Masry Al Youm journalist Omar Al-Hady.
The building after explosion by Omar Al-Hady
The building after the explosion by Omar Al-Hady 

Anyone following that action in Libya !?

There is a  very serious developments taking place in Libya and surprisingly no one is paying it proper attention in the media.
According to Ahram Arabic website, the Egyptian forces near the borders with Libya issued a High-alert warning after the disappearance of the Libyan security forces from Musaid Border crossing a few days ago.
Musaid border crossing 
I have not seen anyone paying attention to this news.
Already this news comes after the clashes between Egyptian armed forces and “Terrorists” South East Siwa oasis in the Western Desert last week.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Years of Living dangerously as a photojournalist in Egypt

That Sunday Morning when Ahmed Ramadan picked up his photography gear and headed to the Police academy in New Cairo to cover the Morsi’s espionage trial as usual, he did not imagine that
Ahmed Ramdan 
by afternoon his life would change upside down because of a nasty lie made by ironically a colleague.

The Photographer working in Tahrir newspaper was heading to the courtroom set up at the Police Academy as he used to when he suddenly found himself arrested by security forces and accused to be a Muslim Brotherhood member who entered the court without a permit claiming to be a journalist.

It was shocking for the young photographer who began his career as professional news photographer during the 25 January revolution in 2011 especially that he got his newspaper card and he was registered as photographer who used to cover trials at the Police academy.

But having the permits and getting arrested was not the only shock because it turned out that a colleague was behind his arrest.
Oh yes, it turned out that A video journalist from Youm 7 reported Ramadan to the security forces at Police Academy as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Video Journalist Amany Al-Akhras reported her ex-colleague at Youm 7 to the security forces claiming that he was fired from the Pro-regime newspaper and website because he was allegedly a member of the Brotherhood according to other eyewitnesses and reporters at the court !!!!

Ramadan who is not a member of any political group or party was fired along a group of photographers and journalists from Pro-regime Youm 7 last year and as far as I know for “Non-political” reasons.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Remembering The Unforgettable Rabaa

Yesterday was the second anniversary of the Rabaa sit-in Massacre and people launched that hashtag “#RememberRabaa” and I am wondering how can anyone living in Egypt can forget Rabaa sit-in and its bloody dispersal in the first place !??
By Mosa'ab El-shamy from Rabaa sit-in dispersal on August 14 , 2013
Personally I believe whether you are totally against the forcible dispersal of Pro-Morsi Sit-in or support, you can not deny that after 14 August 2013 things went from bad to worse in Egypt.

I won’t speak about humanity because it is useless to speak about the value of human life when people are still discriminating between humans because of their political affiliation and religious beliefs as well race then there is no use. I am tried debating about fundamental universal beliefs, especially debating with hypocrites.

When I read in the media so-called internationally claimed human rights activist describing the forcible dispersal of Rabaa sit-in as a great day in the history of Egypt then I should not speak with her about fundamental human rights now.

When I read all day long about how the Muslim Brotherhood members are bad and God’s worst criminals on earth in a way to justify what happened in a dispersal that is described by the State’s National council for human rights as “ extreme forcible” one then there is no use.